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Writers: Busi Ntintili and Michèle Rowe
Director: Hlomla Dandala
Director of Photography: Trevor Brown
Languages: This film was shot in English & isiXhosa


High school is all about pressure: the pressure to excel, to be cool and to fit in. Biko, played by Atandwa Kani, knows all about pressure. On the brink of writing his matric exams, Biko’s priorities are girls and having fun. To prove how cool he is, he agrees to a bet with his friends. He will prove he can seduce the virginal, diligent, serious Ayanda in return for having sex with Lizzie, the most popular girl in school. Despite herself, Ayanda – who is trying to secure a place with the African Ballet Theatre – finds herself attracted to Biko. Biko, in turn, falls for Ayanda. Meanwhile, Biko’s friends, Zane and Craig, are facing their own demons. Craig must get into medical school to please his parents. Zane is caught up in dealing drugs to his schoolmates. With the bet to be revealed at Zane’s year-end party, everything is on the line. Biko struggles to find a way to tell Ayanda the truth. But will she forgive him? Will Craig learn to follow his own heart and not that of his parents? Will Zane escape the long arm of the law? The choices they make will determine their future. The Bet is directed by former Isidingo star and All You Need is Love presenter Hlomla Dandala

The film is directed by Hlomla Dandala and is part of the Heart-lines film series and premiers on SABC2 (South African Television Channel). The aim of the eight-movie series is to spark national debate on values within South African/ African  society and to bring about positive values-driven transformation.

“The Bet” focuses on the value of self control, and although it features teenagers largely, it speaks to people of all ages. A few of the issues covered in the film are: HIV/Aids, peer pressure, family relationships and pre-marital and casual sex

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