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Modiakgotla’s Creations t/a AFROGAMES is a  Kimberley based company which was established by Mr Dan Modiakgotla

The company specializes in the conceptualization; development, customizing and promoting of educational ideas through mechanisms such as board games and other mechanism. The company is wholly black and has also an accreditation with HWSETA thus most of our programmes are tailor-made and linked with our board-game products. We’ve been in operation for just over seven years.


To be a world class institution that has a diversity of products and approaches


Our mission with is to develop societies mental comprehension skills. We thrive on the notion that practical engagement promotes full participation and understanding and as such we strongly believe that people of all ages can learn through play and other fun methods.

Afro-games objectives

  • Stimulate mind games and promote awareness
  • Enhance the current curriculum for learners
  • Assist in quantifying the IQ level of learners
  • Creates a conducive environment for learning
  • Uplifts and stimulate participation of learners
  • Simplifies learning for both teachers and learners
  • Our games can also be played by family units or be institutions that also provides awareness and educational programmes


We are a proudly South African brand that has an open policy to work with other brands particularly in cases where they have commissioned us to convert some of their documentations into a board game or rather develop something simple into a board-game for marketing or promotional purposes, when they want us to brand the end product logos etc. We are game.

Afro Games - Educational Board Games

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